Thursday, April 21, 2011

Increment in Fuel Surcharges of Flight

Dear MP's,

For those who are flying Glasgow by EMIRATES, the fuel surcharges has been increased.MSL just received news from most airlines today regarding on the increment. It was said that the new fuel surcharge has been announced due to the escalating fuel prices.

New charge for those who are taking:

one-way flight: RM120

two-way flight: RM240

In addition, Mr Hira prefers to settle all the payments only after we have received our CAS letter.

Another striking news is that the British High Commissioner might change their policy regarding on requirement of IELTS. I knew we were informed by the officers of Uni of Strathclyde that it's no longer a requirement for us during our last briefing in IMU. However, Mr Hira mentioned that there might be changes regarding on this issue and he will inform us latest by next week.

Please spread this to your friends!!thanks.

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