Thursday, April 21, 2011

Increment in Fuel Surcharges of Flight

Dear MP's,

For those who are flying Glasgow by EMIRATES, the fuel surcharges has been increased.MSL just received news from most airlines today regarding on the increment. It was said that the new fuel surcharge has been announced due to the escalating fuel prices.

New charge for those who are taking:

one-way flight: RM120

two-way flight: RM240

In addition, Mr Hira prefers to settle all the payments only after we have received our CAS letter.

Another striking news is that the British High Commissioner might change their policy regarding on requirement of IELTS. I knew we were informed by the officers of Uni of Strathclyde that it's no longer a requirement for us during our last briefing in IMU. However, Mr Hira mentioned that there might be changes regarding on this issue and he will inform us latest by next week.

Please spread this to your friends!!thanks.

Slip and CAS letter

Dear MP's,

I've just received news from AAD. Ms.Santha said there is a SLIP which contains our personal log in ID to University of Strathclyde, in that slip, we will know how to log in by using the ID.This is important as Uni of Strathclyde will send us our CAS LETTER to this account later and we are required to print it out. Therefore we need to check the new account on and off once we get the slip.

We need to get the SLIP directly from IMU INDIVIDUALLY as this relates to personal ID log in. For those who are unable to get it directly from IMU, it is a MUST to prepare a letter authorizing another person or your friend to collect the slip which contains the personal ID on behalf of you.

The slip can be collected from TODAY onwards. An important note here is CAS letter will be released any time by this or next week.Therefore please log in to the new account and check it routinely.

Please spread to your friends!!Thanks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Application of Letter of Good Conduct

Dear MP's,

Just got informed that the application for the Certificate of Good Conduct (CoGD) is now MUST be done ONLINE. The old form which we got from e-mail can no longer be used.

1. Go to
2. Select the MFA homepage, then select e-consular on the right side of the webpage
3. You need to register in order to fill in the form. Use your IC number as your user ID.
4. Log in and fill in the application for the CoGD
5. Fill in everything except the employment part
6. Upload your photo (optional). You can paste your photo later if you do not have the soft copy.
7. When you are done, print the completed form (make sure you print it with colour printer, because black and white photo is not acceptable).
8. Sign and date the form
9.You still can use the old Akuan/Declaration form and get the Pesuruhjaya Sumpah signature.
10. Submit the form either by counter/postage.

Please refer to the web page regarding on important things to submit, and please tell you friends around. Thanks.

Sincerely apologize for those who have printed out the form which I've previously sent to you guys. Very sorry.

Yee Lin

Friday, April 1, 2011

2nd Health Awareness Day

IMU will be organizing the second health awareness day on:

Date: Saturday, 9th April 2011

Time: 9 to 12 noon

Venue: Atrium, IMU Bukit Jalil.

The following activities has been lined up for public, staff & students of IMU:

1. Free dental check-up

2. BMI

3. Blood Pressure

4. Blood sugar

5. Body Fat measurement, Nutrition & diet counseling

6. Back, neck & posture evaluation

7. Chinese medicine consultation

8. Public talks

9. Poster’s display

Please come and support us

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fly off preparations

Dear MP's,

I know that most of you are anxiously waiting for news about CAS letter but sorry that I still haven't get any reply from AAD. Withouht the CAS letter we cannot start application for VISA. Here are some of the things which we can do meanwhile.

1. Download the VISA application forms and Appendix 8 self-assessment form. Here are the link extended from the vfs website:
select the VAF9 PBS and Appendix 8

2. For the letter of Good Conduct, I've sent you guys the application form. Please check your mailbox.

3. For those who haven't take the VISA photos, remember that the background should be white and the approximate size should be 45mm X 35 mm

4. Prepare some of the passport size photos as they are needed for the Student Card, 2 photos are needed to be submitted to Mr Hira, please write your name and student ID behind the photos and I'll collect it when we need to settle the VISA application (which is more important). The letter of good conduct requires passport size photo too. So it's better if you prepare more just in case.

5. Read through the MSL's Study Abroad Travel Insurance's brochure for those who wants to apply for it.

6. I've sent you guys the list of things needed to bring to UK to your mailbox. Check it.

That's all for now. Sorry for the late updates and any inconveniences caused.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Results Releasing Time

Dear MP's,

Sorry for the late update for those who didn't/couldn't go to IMU and were waiting for the results. Results would definitely not be out today as Uni of Strathclyde hasn't reply IMU till now.

According to Prof Kang, we aren't guarantee to get our result even on Monday as it all depends on Strathclyde there for the validation of our results. IMU can only release once they've confirmed the validation but no news from Strathclyde till 6 something just now.=S

Please tell your friends. Thanks.

Results Releasing Time

Dear MP's,

Important notices!!!results would definitely not be released by 4pm as IMU is still waiting for the confirmation from Strathclyde!!!and AAD will call Strathclyde at 5pm. Everything is not sure yet.They don't know when exactly the results can be released until they confirm with strathclyde.
PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS!I will be informed once the results is out. AAD advises not to go IMU first!!!!Just got their call. Sorry for those already there or on their way there.

Yee Lin

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Answers for Queries

Dear MP's,

Hi guys,just some updates here to clarify things which have been queried by some of you. I've asked Mr Hira about the following issues:

1. We will only need to pay the FULL AMOUNT of AIR FARES by APRIL as he said that we have to see whether any policies change. For those who haven't know about the options of the air flight please ask your friends in order to decide which way you would prefer to come back Malaysia.

2. We will only start settle things after we get our EOS results and CAS letter. Those things include VISA fees, air fares, insurance forms and photos.

3. The passport size photos (2 copies) which are for the student card (not for the VISA) are not needed that urgently. We can settle that after EOS result or CAS letter. The photos for the student card need not be in white background. For those who have prepared, please write your name behind the photos.

4. The most important thing for now is to ensure that you have prepared the Amount of money needed in your bank account.

5. I noticed that some of you guys do not have the checklist which we've got during our 1st briefing with Mr Hira. My suggestion is to refer your friends who have so that you would not miss out those things mentioned in the checklist.

6. For now what we need to prepare is to download the forms from the vfs website (I've stated the link in previous post) and fill it up. Just like other things, these forms are required only after we get our CAS letter.

That's all for now.=)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yoga Club Announcement

IMU Yoga Club is offering a free yoga try out session for the staff and students in IMU. Please do join us and invite your friends along!

A Scent of Morning Breeze

Date: 18th March 2011(FRI)
Time: 7.30am-8.30am
Venue: Green Court
Remarks: Bring ur own mat. If it rains, it will be postponed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pre-Departure Briefing

Dear MP's,

Just a reminder.As we've being informed, UoS visiting lecturer would be conducting the Pre-departure briefing for Sem 3 (P1/10) and Sem 5 (P1/09).
The details of briefing are as below.

Date: 16 March 2011 (Wednesday)

Time: 4:00pm

Venue: MPH 1-3